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Access to a Health Food Stores Mailing list with email addresses is Important


To say that obesity is a health risk would be an understatement.  Nutritionists and doctors have warned us, some heeded while others turned their other cheeks.  Incidentally, these cheeks got fatter.  This is not to embark in fat shaming, rather this is health rejoicing.

Several strategies are available online on how to lose weight and get fit.  But it really is simple – eat well and exercise.  It’s basically about what you put in and what you use up.  Let’s take a look at that first part.

Americans source their food from any of the four categories: supermarket, supercenter, grocery store, or convenience store.  Supermarkets carry more fresh produce and typically has a mini dining area.  On the far end, convenience stores carry more of the basic consumables plus pre-packed meals.   Health food stores Mailing list with email addresses are generally under the first three categories.

A report revealed that consumers with better access (within around 4 miles) to supermarkets tend to have healthier diets because of the availability of fresh produce and low-fat options.  This proportionality is included in a Email mailing address list of health food stores with its cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, supplements, low-sodium, low-sugar, and low-fat optionsThis positive impact shows benefit regardless of store location, age, income, educational background, inventory, and price.  Sheer proximity improves the overall food quality of nearby consumers.  It results in higher intake of healthy food at home.

In fact the report revealed that proximity to convenience stores, on the other hand, increases risk for obesity.  Simply, people eat what is readily accessible.  If it’s fast food and high calorie meals, then we will consume them.  If it’s healthy meals and fresh goods, then we will consume them too.

What can we do about this information?  Increase the availability of healthy food.  To know your home location vis-à-vis food stores in the neighborhood, go through a health food stores mailing and email list.  Connect with them and gather information.  Determine your nutritional needs considering the special needs of family members.  Having a directory will enable you to map out your grocery visits ensuring you have a steady supply of fresh and nutritional goodness.  This is the advantage of a health food stores directory.  You can easily create your personal food hub and connect to all your preferred suppliers.

Another strategy is to search for farmers market to complement existing commercial chains.  If you prefer organic, farmers’ markets are great sources.  You can also create a community garden or an indoor potted garden.  From making the most out of health food stores Mailing list with email addresses to planting herbs, the bottom line is to make healthy food readily available for your family.


If your existing suppliers do not carry quite a variety, work with distributors to increase availability of healthy options.  Small stores are wary there may be no demand. By contacting distributors, you can allay this concern and bridge the gap between the farm and your table.


Dietary quality determines overall nourishment.  If proximity is a critical factor, then take advantage of a nearby Email mailing address list of healthy stores.

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